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Industrial Safety

Working wearing protecting glasses

"People’s safety is a fundamental element"

JMA worker.

People’s safety is a fundamental element in our business policy. Alejandro Altuna S.A. is committed to complying with the regulations in force concerning workplace risk and has established targets linked to the prevention and reduction of accidents in all areas of the company.

It is our aim with this to help create working conditions and worker satisfaction in line with the company’s philosophy of concern for its workers. Both periodically through internal surveys, and continuously by means of indicators relative to incidents, we look at our performance in terms of these aspects. Positive results in these surveys and indicators lead us to believe that the work being done is along the right lines.

In organisational terms, over the years we have managed to incorporate risk prevention in all the decision-making areas of the company, understanding prevention as the responsibility of everyone. On the one hand, it is the mission of everyone in the company to apply safety measures with the same discipline and responsibility as the other functions and objectives entrusted to them. On the other hand, it is also everyone’s responsibility to come up with improvements to make jobs safer every day.

In spite of the company’s long tradition in the area of safety, until now work had focused on aspects of internal improvement without looking for any external recognition for this work. In 2009, we decided to try and get our prevention model certified to the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard, a standard that is widely recognised in the market. As a result we successfully obtained this recognition in January 2010.


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