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20 April 2018

Volga Bit: versatility and precision in the new mortice key cutting machine from JMA

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    This new model has an outstandingly modern, compact and ergonomic design

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    Its two-height clamp system allows to copy any mortice key regardless of length

JMA introduces VOLGA BIT, its new machine for copying mortice keys. This new model has an outstandingly modern, compact and ergonomic design, making this machine ideal for any key copying business.

Versatility is one of the main characteristics of VOLGA BIT. It is capable of copying both male and female single or double bit mortice keys, as well as forward-cut keys and those with vertical cuts. Furthermore, its two-height clamp system allows the machine to copy any mortice key regardless of length.

Precision is another outstanding feature of this new machine from JMA. This stems from the new clamp for male keys, which grips the key by the tip, and the new counterpoints for short female and male keys. These systems guarantee complete stability during the duplication process.

In terms of ergonomics, the new VOLGA BIT offers smooth and fluid carriage movement based on roller guides. Furthermore, the carriage has a locking mechanism for both forward and sideways movement to increase user comfort when fastening and releasing the keys.

All these features reflect the efforts made by JMA to make the work done by key copying professionals easier, who will also surely appreciate the speed and ease with which the carriages can be swapped out and the LED lighting that has been especially regulated to highlight every detail of the key while it is being copied.


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