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19 January 2021

JMA presents BT SLIM, a remote control via mobile phone and remote shutter release for selfies

With the launch of the BT SLIM, JMA is continuing its drive to integrate mobile technology into its line of remote controls. This tiny device that sticks to the back of a user's smart phone can be used to open garage doors, gates and access doors by using the JMARemoteSLIM application.

Because of its small size and lightness, the BT SLIM is a gadget that's convenient to carry on a mobile phone and doesn't keep your phone from fitting in any pocket. It provides the convenience of not having to look for the remote control every time you need to use it, in addition to some nice extras like working as a remote shutter release for the camera on your phone to ensure perfect selfies.

BT SLIM can copy 95% of fixed codes and more than 50 Rolling Code brands, in addition to being able to integrate four original remote controls into a single device. Copies are made using another app, JMARemotesPRO, which is recommended to be used by professional copiers.

Easy opening with the app and traditional methods
In addition to those features, the JMARemoteSLIM user app is extremely easy to use and its available on Google Play and the Apple Store. You just need to link the BT SLIM device with the phone via Bluetooth and push the open button in the app to open the garage door, gate or access door.

However, the BT SLIM can also work as a remote control for traditional opening without having the use the user's phone. You just need to remove the device from the support and push the button to open the lock.

Lastly, the BT SLIM has a tab on the back that can be used to hold the phone while the user reads or watches a video on their phone and a ring that can be used to hold the phone while they talk so the user's hand doesn't get tired.

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