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  • Vienna


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    The VIENNA is the new semi-automatic key-cutting machine for flat keys for cylinder locks and vehicles, and cross-shaped keys, designed for key-cutting professionals.

    The first machine on the market to include a simple electronic adjustment system as standard (previously provided for dimple key cutting machines) and a key counter to control the number of keys cut on the machine. Its partial counter keeps count of the number of keys cut when making multiple copies.

    Probably the most advanced key-cutting machine on the market, it has a 4-sided clamp with a novel self-turning system. It incorporates a lighting system using leds and switches itself off when it has not been used for some time.


    Its robust design, the new technologies incorporated and the latest generation materials used, make it a long-lasting key-cutting machine that will always maintain its key-cutting precision.

    • Motor: 220V, 50 Hz, 0.18Kw
      Datos: 430 x 280 x 420 ; 27 Kg.  




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    The VIENNA SMART is the new professional duplicating machine that combines simplicity and versatility when duplicating flat keys for cylinder locks and for vehicles, cross-shaped and special keys, thanks to its 4-sided jaw.

    Innovative technologies and latest generation materials make this copying machine resistant and precise.

    Robust, but with clean lines and ergonomic usage.

    The stylish and modern design case covers the machines moving parts providing safety for the operator during the cutting process. All the power buttons are located on top for easy access.


    • Motor: 220V, 50 Hz, 0.18Kw
    • Data: 430 x 280 x 420 ; 27 Kg.  


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    BERNA is the new model of compact professional key-duplicating machine, which combines simplicity and versatility for flat keys for cylinder locks, vehicles, cross-shaped keys, and special keys thanks to its 4-sided vice.

    The latest technology and materials make it a durable duplicating machine for precision duplicating.

    It is compact, but preserves a robust design with clean lines and ergonomic use.

    Various guards cover all of the machine's moving parts to provide security to the user during use.

    All activating and stop button are easily accessible.

  • Nomad


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    The new JMA NOMAD key duplicating machine offers a compact design with the mobile locksmith in mind. The NOMAD precision, lightweight and compact design delivers a high quality duplication service. Make sure the Nomad is your next travel companion!

    The NOMAD is 6.5 Kg in weight, 26 cm in length and 5 inches between Jaws centers. It's the ideal solution for
    van set up and mobile locksmith professionals.

    High quality steel jaws for precision cutting.
    Four way jaws allow greater ease and reliability in the clamping of the keys.

    The carriage offers smooth wheel movements which facilitates duplication and reduces the force needed to operate the machine.

    This calibration system allows an exact adjustment of the tracer and guarantees
    cut precision.

    It helps you achieve the perfect finish of the duplicate key.In addition, being made of nylon prevents the operator from suffering accidental cuts while working with the machine.

    The NOMAD includes a safety mechanism that shuts down the machine in case of power loss. When power is restored, the machine must be switched on manually to resume operation.

  • Ecco Automatic

    Ecco Automatic

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    Simple and robust due to its aluminium frame design. Also has a brush for deburring.
    Equipped with a 4-sided clamp.
    Lleva incorporada una mordaza de 4 lados.

    • Motor: 220V, 50 Hz, 0.18Kw
    • Size and weight: 470 x 280 x 245 ; 16 Kg.
  • Ecco Plus

    Ecco Plus

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    Simple but also robust due to its aluminium frame design.

    Has a lever to move the carriage sideways with start microswitch and brush incorporated in the machine.

    Equipped with a 2-sided clamp.

    • Motor: 220V, 50 Hz, 0.18Kw
    • Size and weight: 520 x 280 x 245 ; 16 Kg.
  • Saratoga


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    Semi-automatic COMBINED key-cutting machine made up of two different blocks:

    1. For cutting flat keys (cylinder locks and vehicles), cross-shaped keys, it has a reversible 4-sided clamp and a micrometric tracer point with centesimal adjustment.
    2. For cutting bit keys (single- and double-bladed), pump and special keys like ref. FO-4.P Y FO-6.P. It also has 3 optional carriages for cutting wave keys (RG), for code copying FO- 6.P (FT-COD) keys and finally a carriage for Abloy (ABL) keys.

    Machine with a complete, robust aluminium die-cast frame. Includes a halogen lamp for lighting.

    • Motor: 220V, 50 Hz, 0.24 Kw
    • Size and weight: 590 x 260 x 470 ; 43 Kg.

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