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  • etraining


    Todo lo que necesita para el perfecto manejo de los productos JMA

    JMA presenta su plataforma de formación online para profesionales de la ferretería y la cerrajería. Conozca a fondo el funcionamiento de nuestros productos mediante videotutoriales y participe en nuestros webinars formativos en directo.

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  • tpx7


    New transponder for copying the DST80

    This new device makes it easier to copy keys for European and US model vehicles from brands including Ford®, Hyundai®, KIA®, Mazda®, Lincoln® and VPG®.

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  • Zero Contact


    Protect your health by avoiding contact with shared surfaces

    This keyring accessory protects your health by preventing you from touching surfaces such as doorknobs, lift buttons or ATMs with your hands, thus preserving hygiene and offering you a high degree of safety.

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  • JMA Cloud Pro

    JMA Cloud Pro

    The future of key duplication

    JMACLOUDPRO, the first cloud-based software for key duplication presents a new future: the import of key mastering plans. Choose easily which keys from the plan and how many units of each key you will duplicate.

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  • Nomad


    A lightweight and compact travel mate

    The new NOMAD machine offers a compact design with the mobile locksmith in mind. The NOMAD precision, lightweight and compact design delivers a high quality duplication service. Make sure the Nomad is your next travel companion!

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  • BT Multiuser


    JMA introduces BT MULTIUSER, its first device for opening garage doors, fences and access doors through your mobile phone.

    JMA introduces BT MULTIUSER, its first device for opening garage doors, fences and access doors through your mobile phone.

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JMA worlwide

World map

JMA: a leading brand with a global vocation

JMA’s potential worldwide is based on its production plants and commercial subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Globalisation is a priority strategy for JMA.

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Primero plano de varias llaves

European leader in the OEM market

The largest companies in the automotive and residential sectors place their trust in Alejandro Altuna S.A. as a preferential supplier in the development and production of keys.

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  1. 19 January 2021


    JMA presents BT SLIM, a remote control via mobile phone and remote shutter release for selfies

    This tiny device that sticks to the back of a user's smart phone can be used to open garage doors, gates and access doors by using the JMARemoteSLIM application.

  2. 09 November 2020

    JMA is launching, its new online training platform for professionals

    JMA is presenting, an online training platform for hardware, locksmith and other professionals from more than 100 countries where they sell their products.

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