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Keyless Protector

  • Keyless Protector

    keyless protector

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    Remote keyless systems used to open vehicles by proximity represent a major advance for the comfort of thousands of drivers.

    Yet, theft systems have evolved at the same time as technology. Key-Less Protector prevents thieves from scanning your keyless system as they walk by you by inhibiting the frequency that makes it possible.

    KeyLess Protector is light, discrete and easy to install.

    What are you waiting for to protect your vehicle?

    Keyless Protector acts as a signal inhibitor against illegal scanning devices. It consists of some small plates positioned around the emitter (key) battery. You simply need to open the case, remove the battery and wrap it with the corresponding plate for its size. The Keyless Protector pack contains a set of plates compatible with the key batteries of the main motor vehicle brands in the market.

    Once the battery is installed in the key, the Keyless Protector system is activated to prevent that constant signal from the key being transmitted to the vehicle. To deactivate the block and open the car, users simply need to lightly tap the key twice.

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